LETTER From the Head

Michael-McCord-e1329848392974-150x150Dear Friend,

The Learning Project has three distinct hallmarks: its small size; its diversity; and its academic and ethical excellence. The school is small by choice, with between 116 and 118 students in grades K-6, because we believe in the power of small institutions to accomplish large goals. We are diverse because we believe we have a moral obligation to open our doors as widely and democratically as possible, and because we know that diversity enriches each of us. And we are serious about academic and ethical excellence and about promoting a culture of high expectations and exacting standards because we know that what we expect from children is often what we get.

Visitors frequently comment about how ‘traditional’ the school appears and how happily engaged the children are in their learning. We know it is possible to be both—to be at once serious and light-hearted; to have a calm and quiet tone, and at times be exuberant and loud; to be precise and analytical as well as whimsical and creative; to be firm in our approach to expectations and conduct, but also flexible and thoughtful about the nuances of different situations; to be deeply committed to the importance of hard work, diligence and duty, but ready for the uplift of laughter, joy and celebration. We like and comfortably embrace these seemingly contradictory characteristics.

It can be hard to get a good handle on this unique, ‘one of a kind’ school. I invite you to visit the school and will look forward to meeting you if you do.


Michael McCord
Head of School