Hundreds of children have attended and graduated from The Learning Project since it was founded in 1973 and many of them remain in touch with one another. To a remarkable degree, they also remain in touch with their former elementary school, returning for reunions, dropping-in unexpectedly for visits, checking in on Facebook or by email and contributing to the Annual Fund. One of the most satisfying aspects of the school’s first four decades is this loyal community of graduates now located in countries around the globe.

After leaving The Learning Project, between 40% and 60% of the students attend the Boston Latin School or Latin Academy. With a few exceptions most of the others have gone on to one of the independent schools in the Boston area. From high school most alumni have continued along a traditional path to college and then on to a vast variety of careers. Several have become elementary school teachers.


In recent years LP alumni have joined the school’s Board of Trustees and in 2007 a member of the first graduating class was elected Chair.

Parents at the school also form many special bonds through their years and they, too, continue those friendships well after their children have graduated. As a group, our alum parents show immense loyalty to the school community and continue to stay connected even decades later. Alumni parents attend current school events, special events for the alumni parents (including parent reunion dinners) and they contribute to the Annual Fund. The school’s Board of Trustees has a large number of former Learning Project parents as members who provide deep familiarity with the school’s core values, its traditions, and its aspirations.