FACULTY and Staff

Each of the elementary classrooms has a Head Teacher and an Intern. In the Kindergarten there is a Head Teacher and two Kindergarten Assistants. In addition, the school has five Head Teachers in five subject areas: music, art, science, Spanish and physical education. These Teachers also assist with the implementation of the Tutorial Program that is supervised by the Director of Academics.

Since 1995 the school has operated a Teacher Training Internship Program. This program is structured to give beginning teachers substantial training, support and oversight, both from their mentor teachers and from the Director of Academics. The Interns meet regularly with their Mentor Teacher and also have a weekly seminar with the Director of Academics. With this extensive training and support, the Interns are quickly able to contribute significantly to the scholastic work of the school.

The Learning Project offers its employees a competitive benefits package and benchmarks faculty salaries to be in the top 10% statewide for independent elementary schools. Turnover in faculty and staff is infrequent.

The school has a strong and coherent curriculum that is immensely supportive of excellent teaching, but the truth is that we teach children, not simply curriculum. Outstanding teaching requires an understanding of child development and of the specific needs, interests and abilities of each child in our care. It requires an appreciation of the ways that children are similar and the ways that group learning can lift them all to new levels of individual achievement. It most surely requires an understanding of the ways that children are different, each endowed with a unique and wonderful brain. And it requires a mix of hard work, dedication, collaboration, trust, patience and love. The school only hires people it believes are capable of this alchemy.