FACULTY Directory


Eli Gerstenlauer, Sixth Grade Head Teacher, B.A. (2005) Oberlin College; M.Ed. (2009) Lesley University, 1 year at The LP

Mary Michalow, Fifth Grade Head Teacher, B.A. (2010) Ithaca College; M.S. (2011) University of Pennsylvania, 3 years at The LP

Kristina Royal, Fourth Grade Head Teacher, B.S. (2005) Lesley University; M.Ed. (2006) Lesley University, 11 years at The LP

Lizzie Barcay, Third Grade Head Teacher, B.A. (2011) Williams College; M.Ed. (2014) Harvard School of Education, 4 years at The LP

Amber Ream, Second Grade Head Teacher, B.A. (2007) Connecticut College; M.Ed. (2010) Lesley University, 9 years at The LP

Juliana Brinkley, First Grade Head Teacher, B.S. (1995) Wheelock College, 14 years at The LP

Kristen Faubert, Kindergarten Head Teacher, B.S. (2010) University of Vermont; M.Ed. candidate (2015) Boston University, 2 years at The LP

Haley Smith, Kindergarten Associate Teacher, B.A. (2012) Worcester State University, M.Ed. (2014) Lesley University, 1 year at The LP.

Liliana O'Day, Kindergarten Assistant, B.S. (2012) Northeastern University, 2 years at The LP

Suzanne Garcia, Science Teacher and After School Teacher, B.A. (1985) Boston College; M.Ed. (2005) University of Massachusetts, 9 years at The LP

Jan Hill, Music Teacher, Bachelor of Music (1976) SUNY Potsdam, Crane School of Music, 10 years at The LP

Carlos Sáez Rodríguez, Spanish Teacher and After School Teacher, B.A. (2005) Autonoma University of Madrid; B.A. in Social Work (2012) National Distance Education University; M.A.T. Spanish candidate (2015) Universidad Rovira y Virgili, 2 years at The LP

John Robinson, Physical Education Teacher, B.S. (1994) Westfield State College, 18 years at The LP

Caroline Schmidt, Art Teacher and After School Teacher, B.F.A. in Painting (2007) University of Georgia; B.F.A. in Art Education (2008) University of Georgia; M.F.A. in Art Education (2012) Edinboro University; 2 years at the LP.

Kara Doherty, Maternity Leave Coverage: Head 4th Grade Teacher & Admissions, B.A. (2008) College of the Holy Cross; M.ED (2010) Fordham Graduate School of Education, 1 year at The LP.


Lindsay Ewing, B.A. (2015) Amherst College, 1 year at The LP

John Krewson, B.A. (2013) Syracuse University, 2 years at The LP

Patrick Moriarty, B.A. (2014) Wesleyan University, 1 year at The LP

Erin Mullins, B.A. (2015) University of Michigan, 1 year at The LP

Jackie Pennell, B.A. (2014) Trinity College, 2 years at The LP

Victoria Farina, B.S. (2012) University of Florida; Master of Arts in Teaching (2015) Rollins College, 1 year at The LP


Michael McCord, Head of School, B.A. (1967) Wesleyan University, 43 years at The LP

Martha Cesarz, Director of Academics, B.A. (1971) University of Massachusetts; M.A. in Administrative Careers (1978) Lesley University, 5 years at The LP

Elisabeth McCord, Business Manager, B.A. (1967) Smith College, 25 years at The LP

Justin Hajj, Director of External Relations, B.A. (2003) Boston College; M.Ed. (2015) Northeastern University, 4 years at The LP

Laura Mellen, Director of Admissions/Coordinator of Programs, B.A. (2007) Middlebury College; M.Ed. (2009) Manhattanville College, 2 years at The LP

Claire Toker, Administrative Assistant, B.S.C. (1987) Buckinghamshire College of Higher Education, 2 years at The LP

Maggie Corcoran, Coordinator of Events, Development and Publications, B.A. (2009) Boston College; M.A. (2010) Boston College, 1 year at The LP

Natalia Christie, After School Assistant, B.A. (2013) University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1 year at The LP

Patrick McAvoy, Bookkeeper, B.S. (1982) Bentley College, 16 years at The LP