Each year the school has around 118 children in grades K-6. There is a single class at each grade level with an average of 17 students. Most of the children remain in the school until graduation.

The Learning Project seeks students of all socio-economic backgrounds and abilities and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, social class, religion, family structure, national origin or sexual orientation. The school actively seeks students from all areas of Boston and most of the students live within the city limits and represent many of its diverse neighborhoods. Families come to school on foot, by car and on public transportation. Many families share responsibility for drop-off and pick-up. About a quarter of the school’s students receive Financial Aid.

Our expectations for orderly, quiet and respectful behavior are high; we are strict without being humorless, unkind, or rigid. And while we spend most of our time focused on the scholastic work of our students, we care equally about the development of good character, and the shaping of habits of personal responsibility, civility and kindness.