Openings and Early Enrollment

The Learning Project is a K-6 school and, welcomes applications at any time for every grade, including the final year, sixth. Although our student enrollment is highly stable, occasionally a space opens, mostly due to family relocation. If and when that occurs, we contact first those parents who have expressed interest in the school.

Our primary intake point is Kindergarten and admissions for that begins earlier than many people might expect. Most of the children who come to our Kindergarten have been pre-enrolled a year and a half in advance. They come through the Early Enrollment Program, which begins when a child is three or four years old and eligible to enter a four-year-old program in the fall.

There is a simple reason that we do this complicated kind of enrollment process for our youngest children. The Early Enrollment Program is designed to respond to the fact that most other independent schools offer four-year-old programs and fill their class at that time. So, in order to ‘level the playing field’ for parents wishing to secure a place at the entry point of most schools, we allow parents to apply to The Learning Project a year ahead. If their child is accepted—and those decisions are made in March—the child can remain then in the pre-school they are attending for the four-year-old program the coming fall, and then come to The Learning Project for Kindergarten approximately eighteen months later. For some children and some families, being able to remain in a familiar pre-K setting before making the transition to a new school in Kindergarten works especially well.

A family should only accept a space through the Early Enrollment Program if they are quite sure that The Learning Project is the school for them and their child, and only if they are fully committed to sending their child to the school in the Kindergarten year. It is, therefore, expected that they will remove their name from waitlists elsewhere at the time of accepting a space at The Learning Project. If they do not, or if during the interim period, they wish to apply to another school, the family will forfeit their Early Admit status and be re-entered—if they so wish—into the pool of other Kindergarten applicants to The Learning Project for that September.

Age Requirement

Children who enroll in the school are required to be ‘grade-age’ on or before September 1st. This means that children entering our Kindergarten need to be five years old by September 1st. Children applying for Early Enrollment need to be four on or before September 1st, so that they will be five when they enroll in Kindergarten.

How Do We Choose?

How do we choose the families and children who will come to The Learning Project? In putting together a class of children, we base our selections on a number of factors. We try for a rough gender balance. We look to develop a class of children from families with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and abilities. In the best way we can discern, given that most of the children applying are quite young, we try to include a balance and mix of personalities. We also look to develop a diverse population in terms of ethnicity, family structure, and socio-economic background. Finally, we like to accept families from different neighborhoods throughout Boston, and in smaller measure, children from surrounding communities.

The Parental Choice

We aspire to be a school for a broad variety of children and their families, not just a select or homogenous few. It is, however, vitally important to the school, and most certainly to a parent interested in enrolling a child, that the parent thoroughly understand and accept what the school values; what it offers and does not offer; what it requires of parents; and what it expects of its students.

The Learning Project offers an excellent education for children. But there are many paths to excellence and we understand that we will not offer what every family wishes to find. The best help that we can provide parents who are curious to learn about The Learning Project is to be transparent, thorough and accurate in our description of the school. If parents are given good information, they can then make the best decision for themselves and their child.

Learning about a school can be a complex and time consuming process, and during your visit we will encourage you to ask questions. We will also put you in touch with current parents if you would like other impressions or opinions, and we will invite you to visit again and ask more questions if that would be useful. Ultimately, our goal is to help you discern whether The Learning Project is the right place for your child and your family—or not. If we have done the admissions job well, you will have the information you need to make that decision.

If you haven’t already done so, we recommend that you read some other sections of the website, especially the Program Section. The first step is to determine if this school aligns with your ideas of what would be best for your child and your family; the next step is to call or email for an appointment.