Parents sometimes ask about how children transition from our small, nurturing, and child-centered school to something much larger—which virtually describes the universe of next schools. Hundreds of LP graduates have now made that transition. They have been successful scholastically because they are extremely well prepared by this school, and they have successfully made the change socially and emotionally for the same reason—they are well prepared.

The child who is going on to a school with a class size of 42 is every bit as worried about getting lost or not having friends as the child who is going to a school with a class of 420. And, within two or three days at the new school, both children are equally reassured that they will have friends and that getting lost is a temporary condition which people are happy to help them through.

In recent years, around half of each graduating class has typically matriculated to Boston Latin School or Boston Latin Academy. And over a recent ten-year period, 97% of the Learning Project students who were eligible to apply (you must be a Boston resident) and who did apply received an invitation to attend. The other half of each class has typically attended one of the independent schools in the Boston area.

We have provided a list of the secondary schools to which our alumni have matriculated over the past several years.