AUGUST Scholars


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Program Dates: July 16th to August 3rd, 2018

August Scholars is a three-week, tuition-free, academic summer program for children from lower-income families in Boston who need summertime academic support to avoid serious learning loss. In the summer of 2017, we graduated 85 students from the program.

The typical August
 Scholar is a student who is performing below grade level or struggling to
 maintain grade level in school. Our Scholars are students who are capable of a positive attitude towards 
learning and they must commit to attend every day of the three weeks. In 2018, the program is open to students who attended in 2017, but new applications are being accepted from students from any school in Boston. Bus transportation will be provided from UP Academy Dorchester and the Tobin Community Center.

Mornings are spent doing
 intensive academic work to bolster skills before the beginning of the next
 school year. The program follows a
 highly sequenced and organized curriculum, uses direct instruction, and provides ample time for guided
 and independent student practice, as well as fun group activities to reinforce learning. The student-to-teacher ratio is no more than 8:1. This low ratio is maintained to allow teachers to provide one-on-one support.

In the afternoon (12-3:15), Head
 Teachers meet to correct student work, to think about and address the particular
 needs of individual students, and to plan for the next day. The program focus is on math, reading and writing skills, as well as vocabulary development. Pre- and post-testing has demonstrated phenomenal gains in just three weeks and anecdotal feedback from sending schools suggests significant improvement in student performance in the fall.

Lunch is provided for all students. Recreational activities follow lunch, with the Afternoon Counseling Team taking over. For the summer of 2017, August Scholars partnered with All Hands Drumming and the Community Music Center of Boston.  Students learned rhythmic and musical pieces that they showcased at a final performance for families. Students also have Art, P.E. and Technology enrichment several days each week.

Funding for August Scholars is raised separately by the school. The school is immensely grateful for the generous and enthusiastic support it has received for August Scholars.

For more information about testing results, funding or long-term plans, please read our Program Report.

To apply for August Scholars, please click here.