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Sixth Grade Head Teacher

Head Classroom Teachers plan and implement the math, history and geography, language arts, character education/core values and sexuality education curriculum and oversee the overall educational experience of each child in collaboration with other faculty. They assess and monitor the academic performance of each child and provide for differentiation and accommodations. Head Teachers are also responsible for setting a classroom tone of mutual respect, care joy, and inclusivity. They communicate regularly with parents through the formal structure of conferences and reports and through the use of email, phone calls, conferences, and personal conversations as needed.

The Sixth Grade Head Teacher is uniquely responsible for the students’ culminating elementary school experiences and preparation for the transition to new schools.  These include offering leadership opportunities, growing independence and responsibility and fostering group cohesion.

Candidates must be prepared to lead the one week class trip to Washington DC and oversee related student fund raising activities, and participate fully in the student placement process.  Outstanding oral and written communications skills, command of the value-added use of classroom technology and commitment to the values and principles of the school are a must.  Experienced with flipped classroom techniques preferred.  Significant upper elementary level head teaching experience required.


To apply, candidates should send by post, email, or fax:

• Completed Application


• A cover letter

• A current resume

Application material should be sent to:

Claire Toker, Assistant to the Head of School

The Learning Project Elementary School

107 Marlborough Street

Boston, MA 02116

Fax: 617-266-3543

Qualified candidates will be notified by the school to arrange a mutually convenient visit and interview.