The school maintains a busy calendar of events for students, staff, parents and alumni. Our Advancement and Events Coordinator assures that things happen as planned, and that we do not become so enamored of fun that we allow ourselves to be overtaken with frivolity.

The school also has a number of school-wide routines, traditions and practices, some quirky, that give character to what it means to be a student at The Learning Project. These include: the ringing of the meeting bell by the sixth graders; the Zoodio dance at Halloween; stuffed animal day; the first-snow extra morning recess; performance festivals; the greeting routine at morning circle; pencil pals; the sixth grade D.C. Trip; paired class lunches and paired class meetings; ‘little all school meetings;’ Olympics and many others.

There is a rich texture to The Learning Project, and its many traditions are what graduates long gone often remember, even as they struggle to recall the Twelve Labors of Ulysses or Newton’s Laws of Physics.