PARENT Community

The Learning Project is attractive to many parents because of the strong sense of community among the parents, as well as among the children. The school encourages this by bringing parents together on a variety of occasions. The importance that the school attaches to the work of community building—and not just among the children and staff, but also including the parents—is reflected in the fact that it assigns these responsibilities to a full time administrator. She is assisted in her work by two parents from each class who serve as Class Coordinators.

parentIn addition to the two parents from each class who serve as class parents, at least four current parents serve on the Board of Trustees. While decisions about educational and programmatic matters are, appropriately, assigned to the Head of School and to the faculty, parents are regularly invited to comment and to share their observations. The Head of School frequently solicits parent comment on the school’s programs and regularly the Board of Trustees uses a survey form with parents, Board Members and faculty to conduct a formal evaluation of the state of the school and of the Head’s leadership. New ideas and different perspectives do not trouble us—though not every new idea is implemented.