Lines of communication at The Learning Project are comparatively short. This is the case because the school is small and teachers and staff are easily available. The school believes that the development of honest, open and generously-spirited communication between parents and teachers is vital to each child’s education.

At the beginning of the year, parents receive the new edition of the Parent Handbook, a fifty-page compendium describing the school’s culture and its particular way of doing things. In addition, every week parents receive The Learning Project Bulletin, which contains announcements about school events, and activities outside of school, and Headlines, a commentary by the Head of School. Teachers, and the Head of School, occasionally send specific letters to the parents of children in a particular class. These letters may contain updates about class activities or announcements of class meetings, or address a topic that we believe might be of particular interest to parents of that age group.

Teachers conference with parents as needed, but also on a regular schedule. The first round of parent-teacher conferences is in the fall; the second is in January/February. In December and in June teachers write lengthy narrative evaluations on every child, reporting on the child’s performance in all areas of the program. For children in grades five and six, the school provides parents with letter grades in mathematics and language arts. Teachers also regularly send home letters to parents describing what is happening in the classrooms, and the whole school community is sent the school’s newsletter, The LampPost, twice a year.