DSC_5338_JPG-300x200The idea of ‘community’ has always been a central organizing principle for The Learning Project and the school works to create a strong community among its various members where ties are strong, where differences are respected, and where what unites is enduring, powerful, and rewarding. Building that sense of community among the children and faculty who are together every day is somewhat easier than building it among the parent group, but the school works hard at that as well. A full-time Events Coordinator is in charge of organizing and implementing a long list of community building events involving the students and also the parents.

The LP was not just an elementary school to me, it was a creative educational factory. It was a place that said, ‘Let’s try it,’ as opposed to ‘We don’t do it that way.’ It was a place that cared when a student’s feelings were hurt and, more importantly, it was a community that did something about it.”

Bob Pflugfelder/Former science teacher