COMMUNITY Among the Parents

In order to build a sense of community among the adults, the school brings parents together several times each year for different events. Each fall, all the parents in every grade are invited to visit briefly in their child’s classroom and then to adjourn downstairs for breakfast and curriculum presentations. Also in the fall, parents in two classes are brought together for potluck dinners. And throughout the year, parents are invited to gather for occasional morning coffees, for special class meetings, for class performances, and for the two major parent-run fundraisers, the Book Fair in the fall and the Auction in the spring. Some parents are able to assist classroom teachers on field trips and parents with particular skills or interests that align with the school’s curriculum have often come in to share their expertise with the students.

The sense of community among Learning Project alumna/e parents is also strong and endures long after their children have graduated. Parents are invited back after six years for a parent reunion dinner, and again at subsequent reunions arranged for the graduates. Parents have been known to attend reunions even when their own child was unavailable so that they might catch up with other parents and their child’s classmates. The school also has a large number of former Learning Project parents on the Board of Trustees, which certainly adds to the strength of the school’s community. Few people know the school better or are more supportive of its values, its traditions or its aspirations.