ART, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, and Science

Learning Project students have lessons several times a week from each of the Subject Head Teachers in art, music, physical education, Spanish and Science. On any given day, a visitor will find the building filled with displays of ceramics and two-dimensional art work which change weekly because of the volume of art that is produced. Our visitor will also likely encounter a physical education class in the multi-purpose room with eight students playing running games, skipping rope or shooting baskets; and students in a music class playing keyboards or recorders, learning music theory, or singing with three grades together in one of the two choruses.

DSC_5285_JPG-200x300This visitor would likely come across a Spanish class in session as well, where the curriculum is focused on learning the language naturally, using real situations where students can practice. Through games, songs and plays, students learn vocabulary that they connect to different contexts. Books are also used to enhance the learning of grammar.

In science, students are provided the opportunity to experiment, engage in engineering challenges and observe natural phenomena. Independent science investigations are conducted by children when they are in second, fourth and sixth grade and are celebrated by the school community. The amount of student time and the resources the school devotes to these activities is one measure of their importance in our program.

At The Learning Project, students are given many opportunities throughout the course of the year to share their creative works or to perform before an audience. One such occasion is our Annual Winter Concert. To hear songs from the 2015 Winter Concert, click on the tracks listed below:


1. Now I Walk in Beauty
2. Let us Rejoice Today
3. This Is a Song for the Children


4. Polly Wolly Doodle
5. Skip to My Lou
6. Seagull, Seagull
7. White Choral Bells
8. The Fox


9. Over the River


10. Farewell to the Tarwathie
11. Greenesleeves
12. Scarborough Fair
13. Build Me a World
14. Day Is Done
15. My Own Song


16. Promised Land
17. The Song That Nature Sings
18. An Old Irish Blessing
19. Joy to You