WAYS to Support

Throughout its history, The Learning Project has consistently benefited from a growing number of donors whose generosity allows the school to do some remarkable things: to have a strong scholarship program that directly enables the school to enroll a diverse student body; to offer strong salaries and benefits that directly make it possible to hire and to retain great teachers; and to provide the resources underpinning an outstanding educational program—one which directly impacts and benefits the school’s children day-to-day, year-to-year.

To secure the continuation of this high-quality experience for our students, we need this amazing generosity to continue to flow. And there are many ways this can happen. Please consider giving to The Learning Project through one of the following:


No effort is more critical to the financial health of the school than the Annual Fund. This yearly request for gifts to the school accounts for 15% of our income—a figure far higher than most independent schools and indicative of the loyalty and generosity of our community. The consistent renewal of support is critical to our ability to plan and to achieve our goals, and the addition of new donors each year allows us to keep pace with rising costs and to realize new ambitions. Will you join this critical annual effort at whatever level works best for you?

SPRING Auction

The auction is our largest annual fundraising event each year. People support the auction through volunteer efforts, through gathering the all-important donations, through different levels of sponsorship, and, of course, through attendance and bidding. The auction is always a great party and a fun evening, as well as a critical fundraiser. All are welcome at this grand event.


In the 1990’s an anonymous donor provided scholarship funds to support a student for the entirety of a Learning Project education—and the idea of the current Community Scholarship Program was born. The CSP now fully supports two students through graduation.

This is a truly special giving opportunity as it allows donors to significantly and concretely impact the life of a specific child. Donors, if they are able, can sponsor a child by themselves, or join with like-minded donors to form a sponsorship group. Interested parties are welcome to contact us about this exciting opportunity to make an LP education available to a young child who might not otherwise benefit from “The LP Experience.”

AUGUST Scholars

August Scholars is a three-week, tuition-free summer program for children from lower-income families in Boston who need summertime academic support to avoid serious learning loss. August Scholars is a school/camp blend where students engage in intensive academics while also taking part in local outings and enrichment activities. This work, conducted in small class sizes, and coupled with confidence-building activities, has yielded strong results for our Scholars. August Scholars mainly serves children from Boston Public and Charter Schools. The Learning Project administrative staff completes all of the planning and hiring for the program, and fundraises for August Scholars separately from its school Annual Fund efforts. Donations can be made out to The Learning Project with a note to direct the funds to August Scholars.


FUNDS for the Future

The school’s Board of Trustees has identified the need to develop a larger endowment as a strategic goal of enormous importance to the future quality and strength of The Learning Project. The schools “Funds for the Future” currently provide annual investment returns that contribute significantly to the school’s ability to provide a high-quality program, to maintain access through scholarship support, and to provide strong levels of compensation for the school’s teachers. In the years ahead, several million additional dollars of endowment funding will be needed.

Gifts of whatever magnitude to assist us in growing this critical resource are welcome, and will benefit the school for years to come.

PRINDLE Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The Prindle Opportunity Scholarship Fund was established in 1997 and was named after Sue and Paul Prindle to recognize their commitment to education and this school. A decade later, the Fund endows one scholarship, in perpetuity, for a student from an under-served population within the community. This fund is particularly appropriate for donors who would like to restrict their endowment giving to scholarship purposes.

CLIGGOT Faculty Development Fund

Named after Wendy Cliggot, a teacher for 18 years at The LP, this fund provides opportunities for faculty to access professional education programs. The Fund is particularly appropriate for donors who would like to restrict their endowment giving to support teaching excellence at The LP.