Admissions Procedure

All parents applying to The Learning Project are asked to follow a procedure that will acquaint them with the school and its philosophy of teaching and learning, and help them to decide whether the school is right for them and their child.

Step 1. Parents should familiarize themselves first with the school through this website, through the printed materials that can be sent on request and through attendance at an open house, if convenient.

Step 2. Parents should complete an application by January 15th if they wish to be in the first round of admissions. Applications may also be submitted after January 15th, and will be processed if and when spaces become available. Please mail the application and supporting materials to The Learning Project.

Download Application

Parents should also give AISNE evaluation forms to their child’s current teacher and to the principal or head of their child’s current school. These forms are to be returned by the child’s school directly to The Learning Project. You will be notified if they have not been received. Please find the appropriate form(s) below:

AISNE Form: pre-K through 1st grade

AISNE Form: 2nd through 6th grade

Step 3. After submitting an application, parents should contact The Learning Project to make an appointment to tour the school and have a personal interview – except in cases where parents live too far away to travel for a visit. The application fee is $35, but parents should pay less if necessary.

Step 4. The school will make arrangements with the parent(s) for the child to come for a visit which will last about 45 minutes for the pre-K students, an hour for applicants to the lower grades, and a half day or full day for applicants to the middle or upper grades.

Notifications about admissions decisions are sent, by common agreement among most independent schools, to parents on March 10th. Parents are given until April 8th to reply to the schools, but early replies—yea or nay—are most helpful to everyone, especially parents on wait lists.