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There are a multitude of school events that help us connect and build community over the school year. Parents and students alike enjoy coming together for these celebrations.


School traditions are much anticipated punctuation points in our school year. Some traditions, like the Greek Plays, are grade specific, and some, like Mayfest, include the whole student body. The All-School Picnic brings all families together for an evening of outdoor dining and play in the spring. These time honored traditions strengthen our sense of immediate community while also connecting us to LPers past and future. It was once quipped, “Do it twice and it becomes a tradition!”

Fundraising Events

To support the school’s Mission, there are three community fundraisers, or maybe we should say “fun-raisers” each year. In the fall, the school’s Bookfair is a festival of reading (and fun and games) for adults and children alike. The Read-a-thon event not only raises money to grow our classroom libraries but also celebrates a shared love of books and reading. Finally, the annual school Auction is an “adults only” evening event in the spring where all funds raised provide critical support of the school’s financial assistance program.

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