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Annual Fund

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The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the school’s largest and most important fundraising initiative. This yearly request for gifts to the school accounts for 15% of our operating budget—a figure far higher than most independent schools and indicative of the loyalty and generosity of our community. The consistent renewal of support is critical to our ability to plan and to achieve our goals, and the addition of new donors each year allows us to keep pace with rising costs and to realize new ambitions. 

The generous and loyal support of the school’s donors is critical to the school’s success in three key areas: keeping tuition as low as possible, maintaining a robust financial assistance program, and offering highly competitive compensation packages for our teachers. These principles are core to the mission of the school and the school’s operations. The Learning Project is incredibly grateful for the generosity of the current school community, alumni, alumni parents, alumni staff, and friends of the school who help our school continue to thrive and stay true to its mission.

We hope you join us! 

Donors to the FY24 Annual Fund 'Puzzle' to date:

While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list, it is possible that our records are not complete. If your name is not listed, or listed incorrectly, we apologize. Please notify the school's Advancement Office so we can update accordingly.

Anonymous Donor (10)

Siby Adina

Mark Adler and Mary Birnbaum

Shisha Amabel and Anthony Ceravolo

Frank and Robin Ardito

Stephen and Lisa Ayres

Tim Baehr and Ann Landsberg

Haruhiko Banno and Ayako Toyama

Burt Barachowitz and Carmen Vega-Barachowitz

Matthew and Melinda Barber

Sue Beebee Gagné and Joe Gagné

Rev. Dr. Katharine C. Black

Luke Boelitz, '02

Catherine and Tony Bordon

Susie Boyle

Paula Brassil

Juliana and Noel Brinkley

David Buckingham

Margery Morgan Buckingham

John Cannon

Meg Carlyle

Jared and Caroline Carver

Ben, '93, and Erin Casselman

Fritz Casselman and Susan Ashbrook

Deborah and Michael Ceccon

Timothy Chang

Tom and Pia Christophersen

Annabel Cohen

Arthur and Cynthia Colpack

John Conforti and Alexandra Cook

Zoe Contrubis

Ann Conway and Edward Pearson

Jane Cook

Claire Corcoran and William Murphy

Candice Corvetti and Stephen Kelleher

Diane Corvetti

Cate Costigan

The Crawford Foundation

William and Patricia Culp

Jeremy Cutler

Michelle Davis and Craig Rochester

Eugene and Sharon DeAcetis

Caitlin Duane, '99

James Duane, '94, and Yuna Jacobson

Jim and Michelle Duane

Ben Duncan and Adam Fyrer

Lance Duncan and Jean Alexander

Joanna Fairchild

Mikah Farbo and Ash Arbuckle-Farbo

Kristen Faubert

Stephanie and Thomas Fletcher

Philip and Anne Flink

Veronica Forde

Jessica Friedman, '12

Dan and Christie Fujimoto

Howard and Sheila Galligan

Cindy and Paul Gamble

Bruce and Andrea Garr

Jane and Daniel Giat

Ruth Ginsberg-Place

Elizabeth Glater, '87

David and Anna Goldenheim

David and Elizabeth Goodchild

Jim and Ashton Goodfield

Florence Grant

Edward Gray and Dina Catani

Dorcas Grigg-Saito and Yoshio Saito

James and Ann Hackney

John and Pamela Hajj

Justin Hajj and Rachel Whitty Hajj

Andrew Hally and Gina Consylman

Larry Hardoon and Janet Fine

Zack, '99, and Ali Hardoon

Garrett, '99, and Sarah Hatton

Todd Herrington and Kristin Brief

Jan and Bob Hill

Becka Hitchcock

Jane and Alfred Howard

Jacob Iarussi

Gaetano Imbrogiano and Jen DiManno

Niccolo Imbrogiano, '17

Mary and Adam Jannetta

David Jolly and Royce Hardin

Danny Kalmar and Elaine Chow

Jed Kelly and Caroline Mullin

Jasper Knabe, '16

Louise and Fritz Knabe

Olivia Koskinen, '28

John and Anna Krewson

Steve and Stina Krewson

Cilla Lavin and Ira Goldklang

Sky Lawler, '23

Tracey Lawler

Rebecca and David Leaf

Juliana Lederman

Caroline Reeves, Jim Lee, Andrew Lee, '15, and Daniel Lee

Henry and Joan Lee

Jan Levinson and Stephen Smith

James and Gale Lew

Diane Lim

Sandra and William Lobkowicz

William T. Loomis

Wilton Lorenzo and Estefani Rodriguez

Helen Lu, '01

Nancy J. Ludwig

Gabriela Lynch

Demarest Lloyd Macdonald

Frank and Alecia Manning

Carolyn Marcus and Matthew Farmer

Mairen and Sean Marshall

Arthur and Joanne Massaro

Edward E. and Marie L. Matthews Foundation

Peter McCord

Sarah M. McGinty

William McGinty, '96, and Feyral Sacristan-Munoz

Nora McNamara-Bordewick, '10

Sweta Mehta

Suzanna Melotti and Patricia Ma

Julie Mercurio

Alyssa Mosso

John Nelson and Alexandra Harvey

Sam Nelson, '10

Quian Ni and Hong Gao

Peter Nowak

M.E. and Chris O'Connor

Jordan Oczkowski

Peter Papesch and Gail Patt

James Perencevich and Katie Laidlaw

Gregory Perkins and Rosalyn Gray

Luther Pinckney and Teda DeRosa Pinckney

Graham, '91, and Sarah Pingree

Timothy, '96, and Liza Pingree

The Pokorny Family

Barbara Post

Susan D. Prindle

Patti Quinn

Abdirahman Rashid and Madina Musse

Jennipher Ray and Joe Feloney

Sam Richardson, '88

Flor D. Rivera and Edgar Torres

John Robinson and Hilary Kenworthy Robinson

Bridget and Christopher Robustelli

Jared Rowley and Olivia Tang

Kristina Royal

Carolyn Russ

Emma Russell

Carlos Sáez Rodriguez and Martina Blanco

Jason and Noelle Saillant

Sandra Saillant

Luke and Barbara Salisbury

John Salsberg and Holly Newman

David and Linda Seeley

Anil Seetharam and Monica Shah

Emebet Shefraw

Rohan Sheth, '13

Tia Sheth, '16

John Shope and Steve Sampang

Alicia Silva, '80, and Ralph Sims

Julian Silver, '02

Haley Smith

Tessie Smith

Yang Yang and Javor Stolarov

Beth and Craig Summers

Mallikhaarjunah Sundharam and Nithya Balachandiran

Michelle and Robert Swoboda

Damian Szary and Amy Carlson

Nesanne Tam

Robert Taylor and Carol Burns

Tristan Taylor and Heather Surkala

Rae Taylor-Burns, '05

Carlin Tindall

Claire Toker

Denise and Ronald Tompkins

Jack Tompros, '18

Karen and Louis Tompros

Maggie Tompros, '24

Paul Tompros, '21

Edgar Torres, Jr., '18

Emma Turner, '07

Diane Valle

Peter and Albina Velikin

John H. Vogel

Nick and Tara Vuono

Sebastien Vuono, '22

Annie Wagner, '20

Jack Wagner, '18

Penny Wallin

Izzy Ward

Jared and Celina Ward

Lauren Waters

Michael and Allison Weber

Ivan Werning and Joleen Weissert

Sarah and Christopher Wolf

Rachel Wolsfelt, '06

Kayron and Mindy Wright

Paul and Judith Wright

Hannah Yelnosky

Christopher R. Yens, '80, and Temple Gill

Amanda Yip

Anne and Jorden Zanazzi

Sasha Zuflacht

LP Puzzle (8.5 x 5.5 Flyer).jpg

"I am extremely pleased that my daughter was able to attend such a fine school.  This gift is a proof of my appreciation." - Alumni Parent


Questions about fundraising at The LP? Contact the Advancement Office at

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