Board of Trustees

The Learning Project Board of Trustees is made up of approximately 20 members who are current parents, alumni parents, alumni and friends of the school. There are subcommittees within the board that meet regularly to advise the Head on Communications and Outreach; Finance; Facilities Management; Advancement; Personnel; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Trustees; and Strategic Planning. Members of the school’s administrative team report regularly to the Board, and the Head serves as ex officio.

Current Trustees:
AT Large

Linda Seeley, Chair 

Isabella Allen 

Pat Benzie, Treasurer 

Catherine Bordon 

Rick Borovoy 

Caroline Buttner 

Will Crawford, '91 

Ginger Dagli 

Paul Gamble 

Louis Tompros 

Will Murphy

Carl Prindle, '79 

Monica Shah 

Mar Wagner 

Kayron Wright

ALUMNI Members 


Garrett Hatton, '99 

Eben Pingree, '94 

PARENT Members 

Alexandra DeLaite 

Jamie Hayhurst, Clerk 

Joe Lu 

Abner Louissaint 

EX Officio 

Justin Hajj