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Working at The LP

Frequently, our teachers find their “home” at The Learning Project, but occasionally we do seek experienced Head Teachers and Administrators to join our community of educators. All openings are listed here, on the AISNE and NAIS websites, on LinkedIn, School Spring, Handshake, amongst others. The Learning Project is eager to meet educators who are enthusiastic about the school’s mission and are hoping to join a collaborative and supportive work environment.

The Learning Project is committed to developing and nurturing the next generation of K-12 teachers. As part of this mission, the school hires up to six Fellows per year for its Teacher Training Fellowship Program. This program is a rich opportunity for beginning teachers to train directly with experienced mentor teachers and to develop their own skills by working daily in the classroom. 


Fellows are placed in a grade level for the duration of the school year and take part in a structured progression that allows Fellows to take on varied and additional responsibilities throughout the course of the school year.  Upon successful completion of the first year, Fellows are offered a stipend increase and a second year placement with a new grade level in order to broaden their experiences, apply their knowledge and skills, and assume more leadership responsibilities in the classroom.


Teaching Fellows meet weekly with their mentor teachers and also as a cohort in seminar with the Director of the Fellowship Program for professional development and to discuss their classroom experience. In addition, Teaching Fellows supervise children in the After School Program, enriching their experience with an opportunity to work with students across multiple grade levels. Placement in the program is perfect for recent undergraduate or graduate students, career changers, or those currently enrolled in a graduate level education program who are ready to launch their careers in teaching.

Teaching Fellows receive a medical benefit, plus a $35,000 yearly stipend. In addition, the school has a limited number of moderate housing grants available on a rolling basis for Fellows.

While all candidates are encouraged to apply, we are actively seeking candidates from diverse backgrounds as part of our broader effort to ensure that our community and our hiring process reflects our Mission, which is rooted in social justice, diversity, and equity. All applicants should connect to, and be willing to carry forward, these principles in their instructional and relational work.

Current Openings:

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The Learning Project is an equal opportunity employer, and, as such, employment decisions at the school are based on merit, qualifications, and skills. The School is committed to a policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for all employees and qualified applicants, without regard to age, military or veteran status, race (which shall include traits historically associated with race, including but not limited to, hair texture, type, length, coverings and protective hairstyles), color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, genetic information, sex, pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental disability, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state, or local law. 


This commitment is evident in all aspects of The Learning Project’s employment practices and policies, including recruiting, hiring, job assignment, promotion, compensation, discipline, discharge, benefits, and training. 


An employee who has reason to believe that their treatment is in violation of this Equal Opportunity policy, or perceives any discriminatory action or practice in violation of this policy, should report the circumstances to their supervisor or the Head of School. The School will not tolerate retaliation against an individual who, in good faith, reports a violation of this policy. Any person found to have engaged in any type of retaliation or unlawful discrimination will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including, termination of employment.

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