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Long Time Friends

Long Time Friends provides an opportunity for sustained giving by including The Learning Project in your will or estate plans. The program borrows its title from the song “Long Time Friends” that has been sung for many years at graduation. A robust and constantly expanding bequest program holds enormous promise for the school’s long-term future. Bequests, of whatever size (and this amount can be unspecified to us), are welcome. We invite prospective donors to contact the school for further information, or to simply ask to have your name added to the list.

Long Time Friends

Phil and Bobbie Boyle

Michelle Davis and Craig Rochester 

Ann and Thomas Fissler

Andy and Suzanne Gallagher

Nicki Nichols Gamble and Richard Gamble*

Gary* and Jill Hatton 


Mildred Jeffrey*

Fred Mauet*

Michael and Elisabeth McCord

Caroline* and Nick Schmidt 

John Vogel and Judith Music

John Wadlington 

Sung-Yun Pai and Michael Yaffe 

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