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Endowment Giving

Most recently, the school completed the $6M “Preserve the Vision ~ Build the Future” campaign. This historic fundraising drive was completed in just five years and included meaningful gifts of all “shapes and sizes” from members of the community spanning 45-plus years. The best part, though, was the opportunity for our long-time friends to reconnect with each other and the school. 

Ways to Support The LP
McCord Mission Fund

The school’s Board of Trustees has identified the need to develop a larger endowment as a strategic goal of enormous importance to the future quality and strength of The Learning Project. The “McCord Mission Fund,” named after the school’s founders, provides annual investment returns that contribute significantly to the school’s ability to provide a high-quality program, to maintain accessibility through financial assistance, and to provide strong levels of compensation for the school’s teachers. 

Gifts of whatever magnitude to assist us in growing this critical resource are welcome, and will benefit the school for years to come. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the McCord Mission Fund.

Community Scholarship Fund

In the 1990’s, an anonymous donor provided funds to support one student for the entirety of a Learning Project education—and the idea of the current Community Scholarship Fund was born. Over the years, several students, on a need-basis, have received a scholarship for the duration of their LP careers.

The Community Scholarship Fund allows the school to remain accessible to a broad range of families. We invite interested donors to contact us about this opportunity.

Prindle Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The Prindle Opportunity Scholarship Fund was established in 1997 and was named after alumni parents, Sue and Paul Prindle, to recognize their commitment to education and to The Learning Project. The Fund endows one scholarship, in perpetuity, for a student from an under-served population. This fund is particularly appropriate for donors who would like to restrict their endowment giving to scholarship purposes.

Cliggott Faculty Development Fund

Named after Wendy Cliggott, a teacher for 18 years at The LP, this fund provides opportunities for faculty to access professional education programs. The Fund is for donors who would like to restrict their endowment giving to support teaching excellence at The LP.

Caroline Schmidt Arts and Inspiration Fund

Caroline Schmidt was The Learning Project’s beloved Art Teacher from 2013 – 2021. The Caroline Schmidt Arts and Inspiration Fund was created to honor Caroline’s artistic legacy and to benefit students, parents, faculty and staff for years to come. A gift to this fund will support our current arts program and will fund new arts education opportunities. In the spirit of Caroline’s artistic creativity and passion, this fund will also allow us to evolve into new and exciting areas of the arts.

Gary Hatton Mental Health and Wellness Fund

The Gary Hatton Mental Health and Wellness Fund is intended primarily to offer financial support to Learning Project students and faculty for mental health counseling services. These services can be in the form of individual therapy from psychiatrists, psychologists, other mental health/social service professionals, and/or group education or therapy sessions that could benefit LP students and faculty at large. 


This fund was established in memory of the late Gary Hatton, a “Long Time Friend” of The Learning Project. Gary had a deep appreciation for the school’s mission, its community, and the education that The LP provided his children. Gary’s four children attended The LP over a 17-year period from 1991 to 2008, and Gary served on the school’s Board of Trustees from 2001 to 2009, serving in the critical role of Treasurer for each of those years. Gary was committed to supporting The LP community and will continue to do so through the establishment of the Gary Hatton Mental Health and Wellness Fund.

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