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Who We Are


We are a city school.

We embrace and use all of the resources Boston has to offer. From the Boston Public Library, to the T, the MFA, the Esplanade, and more, Learning Project students and teachers learn about their city and from their city.

We are intentionally small.

With a total enrollment of approximately 118 students, the school's small size allows for individualized attention and instruction, as well as fostering a close and tight-knit community. All students and teachers are known to one another and have many opportunities to learn and play together across age groups.


We embrace diversity.

From Our Diversity Statement: The school works to build a diverse community of children, families, teachers, staff and trustees, which reflects our society’s diversity of race, gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, ability and interest, and socioeconomic status. The school strives to break down age and grade barriers and to build a sense of a single school community where the children all respect and care for one another.


Our effort to be an inclusive and diverse community is ongoing and the school always strives to do that work better tomorrow than it did today.” 

We strive for
academic excellence.

We believe that learning should be joyful and involve hands-on opportunities for students to deepen their understanding. We also know that challenging students at their “just right level” encourages engagement and eliminates boredom and frustration.


We actively nurture
the development of character.

In all that we do, the development of the child’s character is paramount. Critical thinking, perspective taking, discussing issues of equity and justice, and building an understanding of how to treat others with respect and kindness are woven into each school day, and forms the core of our approach to social-emotional learning.  

The Learning Project Elementary School has several affiliations. It is an accredited member of the Association of Independent Schools of New England (AISNE) and of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). It is also a member of the Educational Records Bureau (ERB).

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