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Core Subjects

Our core academic subjects are language arts, mathematics, and social studies, which are taught by the Grade Head Teacher and supported by the Teaching Fellow and often an Academic Support Teacher. 

Language Arts

In language arts, individualized instruction is provided in reading, writing composition, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, handwriting and keyboarding. Junior Great Books, novel studies, Wordly Wise, EPS, and Write Source materials are used to support the teaching of language arts skills. Technology tools include Lexia Learning, Raz-Kids and more.

The Saxon Math Program

The Saxon Math program is used across all grades and students engage with the material at the level and pace that is appropriately challenging for their current needs. Math instruction is supplemented with games, puzzles, projects, and challenges that further deepen mathematical thinking and encourage the application of math skills. Lower grades supplement their program with DreamBox Learning, while upper grades use IXL Mathematics.

Social Studies

The school uses the Core Knowledge curriculum for History and Geography, and supplements instruction with Learning Project-created curricula pertaining to Equity and Social Justice, as well as City Studies. The school is currently piloting a new program for future use in social studies – InquirEd’s Inquiry Journeys. In this curriculum, units are inquiry-based and begin with the creation of compelling questions to spark curiosity, engagement and student ownership. The lessons include research, critical thinking, and collaboration. The units culminate with an argument or action component where the students aim to improve the world around them. Current events, connections between past and present, civic engagement, and the amplification of voices and stories not traditionally included are focus points for teachers’ instruction.

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