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Much of what The Learning Project is today lies in its deep and interesting history. 

Quite literally, the school’s beginnings were as a “project” of sorts. Founding Head, Michael McCord, and his wife, Elisabeth, supported by a group of like-minded parents and friends, envisioned a school that focused on a broad and strong academic program– “liberal arts for littles.” Learning would be creative and involve children deeply, but it would also honor and respect traditional academic pedagogy and skills. It would place importance on the development of the whole child and embrace the role of character education. 


The feel would be similar to a one-room schoolhouse where children of different ages would have the chance to learn and work together. There would be regular opportunities for the whole school to experience community by singing, sharing work, and learning with each other. The name of the school was selected to focus attention on the school’s commitment to "learning by doing" and on its character as a place of purposeful activity.  


Since 1973, the school has grown modestly in size, but has not expanded significantly since the addition of the kindergarten program in 2006. The LP’s reputation as an excellent elementary school has grown over time, and its place within the independent school community is well established. 


Over the course of almost fifty years, the core of the school’s Mission has remained: to enroll a diverse group of students, provide them with exciting and age-appropriate learning opportunities, to help children develop strength of character, and to build a sense of community through yearly traditions, cross-age opportunities, and meaningful whole school activities.

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