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Ensuring that The Learning Project remains accessible to as wide a range of families as possible is one of the founding principles upon which the school is built. It continues to be a firm commitment by the Board and school leadership, who recently wrote to parents about the intention, “ keep tuition as low as possible, both in comparison with The LP’s peer schools and in absolute terms, to maintain accessibility and promote socio-economic diversity within our community…”  


In simplest terms, a family’s ability to pay should never prohibit a child from applying to or attending The Learning Project, and our school is committed to this principle.

2022-2023 Tuition
  • Kindergarten through Grade Three $25,500/ year

  • Fourth Grade through Grade Six  $25,900/ year


22% of students received financial assistance in ‘21-’22.


Grants ranged from $10,000-$26,700.


In recent years, families receiving assistance had incomes ranging from less than $25,000 to over $200,000.


A total of $518,580 in financial assistance was awarded in ‘21-’22.

Affordability is achieved through a generous

financial assistance program.

Financial Assistance extends beyond tuition, and is also available for Extended Day

programming and outside-of-school services for children.  


While most of what a student needs is covered by tuition -- including all school supplies and field trips -- the school has a “pay what you can” policy for anything beyond what is covered by tuition, such as school photos, fundraising events, student club attendance, and other extras. Access is guaranteed to all.

If you would like to apply for Financial Assistance, The Learning Project uses the School and Student Services (SSS) online family portal to collect and analyze family data in determining need.

Please note these very important deadlines and next steps:

By January 25, 2023

Submit in SSS: The completed Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online 

By February 15, 2023

Submit required documents in SSS:

  • LP’s Supplemental Financial Assistance form

  • A copy of each final pay stub per employer for the year 2022

  • A copy of all 2022 W-2 and 1099 forms

  • 1040 with all filed schedules and attachments. Include all 2022 Federal Income tax forms and accompanying schedules for each business owned.

  • A file is considered complete only when the Parents’ Financial Statements and 2022 tax documents are received from both parents, either jointly or separately, including signatures, all schedules, W-2s, and 1099s.

Questions about Financial Assistance should be sent to Tara Vuono, Director of Finance & Operations, at (617) 266-8427 or email

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