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Specialized Programming

Advisory Program

The Advisory Program is for children in sixth grade who meet weekly in small peer groups led by a school administrator. The Advisory Program follows a year-long agenda of topics, many about the various aspects of the transition into a new school; others about internet safety, handling peer interactions, developing good study habits, keeping organized, and maintaining healthy lines of communication with adults as they move into adolescence. 

After School

The school has an after school program for students in grades K-6. Staffed by the school’s Teaching Fellows and Head Subject Teachers, the after school program runs from the end of the school day until 5:30 pm, with pick up possible at any time during that window. Based on age and needs, students have time to play outside, eat a snack and either engage in quiet activities or to work on homework assignments, or join a club.

Character Education Program

The Character Education Program seeks to encourage positive emotional growth and the development of social skills. A set of core virtues, or “powers,” provides children, parents, faculty and staff with common language for conversations designed to promote open, honest and helpful communication. Books, activities, classroom conversations, and presentations by sixth graders help to further cement these concepts. Character education, while taught directly, also naturally infuses all that we do at The LP.

City Study Curriculum

The City Study Curriculum is a school-wide curriculum designed to connect children to their city more deeply as we promote ways to be active and engaged citizens. Students learn how cities work, engage with local organizations, learn about history and discover some lesser known treasures in Boston through field trips, speakers, and hands-on activities.  Through City Study, children become familiar with Boston’s culture, resources, and functional processes through authentic, real-world learning opportunities, and learn the valuable lesson that their learning ecosystem extends well beyond the classroom. Our city location is one of our greatest assets and The Learning Project uses it fully.

Environmental Sustainability Curriculum

Our Environmental Sustainability Curriculum combines both science and social issues as students learn about the interconnectedness of humans and their environment, and how they can lead more sustainable lives. This is a school-wide curriculum taught each spring, and incorporates a variety of ‘action steps’ for students to take, empowering them to be leaders and changemakers when it comes to protecting our planet.

Equity and Social Justice Curriculum

The Equity and Social Justice Curriculum has been a cornerstone of a Learning Project education since the school’s inception, and is updated regularly. It is implemented annually in grades K-6, with new topics and activities addressed in each grade. This program contains a series of annual lessons that teach concepts directly related to equity and social justice, such as discrimination, prejudice, racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism and more, and empowers students in developmentally appropriate ways to recognize and work toward a more just world.

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Leadership Program

The Leadership Program provides students in grades five and six with opportunities that acknowledge and develop their leadership skills with increased responsibilities within the school community and helps them to understand their role as mentors to younger students. Fifth graders have a weekly seminar with the Head of School to define and practice leadership skills, and sixth graders regularly lead a number of school-wide activities during their final year at the school.

Peace and Non-Violence Curriculum

The Peace and Non-Violence Curriculum is presented during our multi-age Little All School Meetings, allowing children across all grades to engage in small group conversations and activities about peace. The school’s Circles of Peace program helps children to grasp these concepts at various levels: peace within one’s self, one’s family, one’s neighborhood, one’s city and one’s world.

Pencil Pal Program

The Pencil Pal Program links grades one and four, two and five, and three and six to create year-long pairs of older and younger students. These grades come together monthly to play, share work, participate in school events, and to teach and learn from each other. Oftentimes, lasting and special bonds evolve between our Pencil Pals.

Sexuality Education Program

The Sexuality Education Program is taught in grades 1-6 each spring. This school-created program uses conversation and children’s books to address various aspects of human development in age appropriate ways.

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Standardized Testing Program

The Standardized Testing Program is designed chiefly to provide the school with helpful data about student performance, and also to help our students develop standardized test taking skills.

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