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Letter from the Head


Dear Friends,

The Learning Project is a school that is intentionally small – at a typical enrollment of 118 students across kindergarten through grade six, we find immense power in our small size. This is a school where cross-age connections are fostered, where each child is deeply known by each member of our faculty and staff, where frequent class and school-wide meetings foster a sense of belonging, where parents, too, connect to create our closely-knit community, and where the school’s rich traditions tie together both past and present.

While The Learning Project emphasizes academic excellence, it is balanced equally by our focus on character, on our celebration of differences and our commitment to nurturing the social-emotional lives of our children. None of this is mutually exclusive, and we honor this integrated approach to education, allowing children to strive for their academic potential while also teaching the value of mistakes; by working hard each day while also engaging in laughter and cultivating joy; by being logical and analytical, while also taking time to wonder and create; and by recognizing the self, while remaining deeply connected to those around us.

We also honor our connection to the city of Boston. Close to Copley Square, The Learning Project is, at its heart, a ‘city school.’ Learning Project children engage actively with their environment, learning to be stewards of our local, shared resources, and taking advantage of the outdoor space and city amenities around them on a daily basis. Another key hallmark of our school is its commitment to diversity. The Learning Project enrolls children from across the Greater Boston area, and maintains a generous financial assistance program, making the school more broadly accessible. We believe that diversity of all kinds enriches each one of us, and is an essential component to the building of a better world.

Enrolling a child in our care is an act of trust, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Each Learning Project student is cherished as our own, and we work closely with parents in helping to raise deeply kind, intrinsically motivated, creative, and confident ‘city kids’ who know themselves, who know how to learn, and who are fully prepared to launch into the world beyond our small school.

I invite you to visit our school, to see first-hand what this unique, little school has to offer, and I hope to greet you when you do.


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Justin Hajj
Michael W. McCord Head of School
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