AFTER School

The school offers four After School programs starting at 3:15 p.m. Extended Day is for children in grades K-3; Homework Plus is for children in grades 4-6; Community Music Center of Boston offers music lessons for children in all grades; and the Hill House Program is for any children who need to be transported in the afternoon to a Hill House sponsored program or activities.

Learning Project children have a full and demanding school day, and so Extended Day and Homework Plus programs are deliberately kept ‘low key.’ They each include a snack, playground time, and time for homework. The younger children, typically, have time toward the end of the afternoon for conversation, reading, drawing, playing board games, or listening to a story. The older children use their limited time after completing homework for quiet reading.

The wide range of programs offered at Hill House includes art, karate, soccer, baseball, sculpture and fencing. These are made available to LP students through the LP/Hill House Program. The children in the Hill House Program enjoy a recess period, have a snack and then do homework until they need to leave. They are walked to the proper Hill House site by a Learning Project staff member and are signed into the care of their Hill House instructors. Pick-up is by parents at the Hill House site at whatever time the activity ends.

Community Music Center of Boston offers classes to several days a week at The Learning Project. These classes include Beginner Guitar, Beginner Piano, Private Violin and Cello and String Ensemble.

The After School programs at The Learning Project end promptly at 5:30 p.m. and children are expected to be on their way by then. Parents are welcome to pick up their child anytime during the After School programs.

There is an additional fee for these programs and tuition assistance for those who qualify.

At points during the year, clubs are offered for sessions lasting several weeks. These clubs include chess, science, knitting and Girls Scouts.